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Downtown Cincinnati Hotels have the pleasure to welcome you in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Because you come first, Downtown Cincinnati Hotels gathered all the necessary information for a great time, so you will easily find the best places for sight-seeing, shopping, dining, as well as entertainment in the special sections of our website.

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About Downtown Cincinnati

Downtown Cincinnati Hotels invites you to take a wonderful trip in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio. As the central business district of Cincinnati, the downtown area holds many attractions that will make your time here worth it.
Let us first define this area: Downtown Cincinnati is considered to be the entire area south of Central Parkway, west of Interstates 71 and 471, and east of Interstate 75. It is crossed by Vine Street and the streets are organized in a grid configuration. According to the recent plans for development, the existing properties are being converted into boutique hotels, soDowntown Cincinnati Hotels guarantees there are plenty of things to admire, starting from the hotels where you will be hosted.

Downtown Cincinnati contains several neighborhoods, each bringing something unique to the residents and to the tourists alike. These are the following: Piatt Park, one of the most densely populated downtown residential neighborhoods, offering such attractions as Piatt Park itself, the Fountain Square, the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, and many amazing restaurants; Lytle Park, as one of the most quiet downtown neighborhoods where you will find the city’s largest office buildings, the Taft Museum of Art, as well as wonderful riverfront parks; contrasting Lytle Park, the Fourth Street Historic District is for those of you who like the busy type of life andDowntown Cincinnati Hotels invites you to see for yourselves what this neighborhood has to offer; Riverfront offers many attractions, not to mention the sweeping views of the Ohio River, the hills of Mt. Adams and the city skyline; next is St. Xavier Park with amazing residential conversions, and finally, the Gateway Quarter neighborhood offers a lovely mixture of historic and modern architecture, so don’t forget to take your camera for some great pictures. For more details, you are invited to check to special sections of our website.

As you see, in the heart of Cincinnati there is something for every taste, soDowntown Cincinnati Hotels guarantees you won’t be running out of options for a lot of fun.

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